You, a high-achieving woman, are a force to behold. You have risen through the ranks against the odds, facing tough competition and tougher barriers. But you’re finding you are often in the minority. You face issues your male counterparts just don’t - issues around isolation, resilience, confidence, lack of recognition for your efforts, having to constantly prove yourself, and doing all of this with a lack of support.

By now, your self-esteem has likely taken a battering, and you may even get called “difficult”; your ability to protect boundaries erodes as you feel a need to keep up with the boys’ club.

Yet, if you could get over those hurdles, you know you could achieve even more.

I know from personal experience what our minds can tell us when we can’t go any further. It’s why I’ve dedicated myself to helping women to overcome the issues, to rise above the negativity and to become more politically savvy.

You don’t have to become one of the lads in order to join the C-suite - in fact, you can renew your confidence and increase your motivation as you stay true to yourself. I’ll introduce you to tools and techniques to increase your resilience and self-empowerment, and help you take your seat at the table.


How it works

My coaching style depends on your needs, and you’ll get out of it what you can put in. If you have specific needs or objectives you want to achieve, I can develop a plan to help get you there – or we can discuss objectives together and then plan.

Alternatively, we can work to one of my bespoke programmes for women in leadership.

The Circle of Brilliance™ was developed using my own experience as well as the work I’ve done with women just like you. It is designed to refine and define your goals, look at the bigger picture and to develop a plan of action that is achievable – and will make an impact.

We can also work on how you can get the most from your team through the Energised Employee Elevator™. Divided into five sections, we’ll look at the people, the purpose, the power, the performance and the partnerships needed to enable high performing teams that work well together. You’ll have the skills and the motivation to go out and inspire those under you towards greatness.

Is it for you?


Do you feel that everyone else gets a break while you’re stuck in a rut? We look at managing yourself and others, managing across the organisation, dealing with uncertainty, and leadership. Together we will boost your pathway to success.

Why work with me?

I work to enable women managers to transform: reset their focus, re-energise, and refuel their careers. I will guide you to increased confidence, resilience and resourcefulness, developing your leadership skills as we go. This will help you over those hurdles and achieve your true potential.

Let’s chat

Still not sure? I offer a free 30 minute consultation where we can talk about your needs and how I might be able to help you. Get in touch here.


Let’s chat

Still not sure? I offer a free 30 minute consultation where we can talk about your needs and how I might be able to help you. Get in touch here.