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A light bulb moment during Claudia’s workshop, ‘Women: Take your Seat at the Table’, helped me to find the main obstacle that had been blocking my progress. When I tackled it I got promoted to director - just a few weeks after the workshop! Five years of being stuck at middle management over!
— Ms UM, Director, London
Claudia has helped me feel at ease and in good hands and I have felt confident about the healing. She is keen, approachable, knowledgeable and challenging. I have taken massive strides forward and I have felt stronger and better for it. I have worked hard and I am finding that adversity that sets me back doesn’t impact on me for as long as it has done in the past. I’m now much more confident.
— Mr. CD, Social Work Senior Manager
I would heartily recommend Winning Pathways Coaching to anyone who isn’t quite sure who they are, what they should be doing or even what they want to do, and how in the world to get there. I have no idea where I’d be if I hadn’t been so lucky to meet Claudia- and I am absolutely sure I would not be so confident in my plans for the future as I am now.
— Ms Sheeva Weil, student, City, University of London
After just 4 of my 6 sessions coaching programme, I got the secondment I so badly wanted to get me prepared for promotion. Next step, senior management! Amazing!
— Ms NA, large Public Sector Organisation, London
I was facing big life changes - redundancy, turning 50 and a move to a new town. I needed a plan of action. Coaching helped me to decide what I wanted and to develop suitable actions to get me there. Claudia showed me that coaching was a necessary investment in my professional and personal development.
— Ms TM, Manager, Voluntary Sector Organisation, Manchester
The coaching experience was very positive as Claudia gave me the space to consider my current approach to ‘difficult’ situations and how I could improve them. I finished on a high note with increased confidence, strategies and techniques for getting better results in my relationship with people at the top. Highly recommended.
— Ms GJ, HR Manager, leading independent agency, City of London
I came to Claudia because I was lacking confidence in my abilities. I’m in a responsible role at work and was terrified of making mistakes, large or small. Claudia helped me to work through the barriers in my thought process and create a plan for overcoming them. I’ve made so much progress, feel more confident in my abilities and have received positive and complimentary comments about my development in my appraisal.
— - Ms M, senior officer, a well known national organisation
I’m continually amazed by Claudia’s ability to continually pinpoint the exact issue undermining my efforts to achieve the success that I deserve. Sometimes I’m confident on the outside but within, a different story. Since working with Claudia for over a year now, I’ve managed to shake many of the limiting beliefs that were undermining my inner power as a professional woman. Now, I’ve a much stronger brand, a much stronger position in the market and in my industry and much more power within myself due to having worked with her. I recommend her to all women who are strong on the outside, but soft and gentle on the inside (but don’t want anyone to know that)
— Meta, Entrepreneur

"I came to Claudia for coaching with the realisation that I had some internal blocks hampering my efforts to promote my business and I may have been unintentionally self-sabotaging. I’ve become more structured and productive, I'm doing important things in my business that I previously feared - which I now enjoy - and I’m taking action and learning from it. I would highly recommend coaching with Claudia to help overcome any blocks that may be preventing progress in achieving personal and professional success".

-SL, Business Owner

Being coached by Claudia was a 6 months journey from low confidence and self-esteem and half-hearted goals to sharp crystallised ambition with certainty about how my goals will be achieved. I now live in the moment and enjoy every second; knowing that my future is bright and that I am exclusively in control, responsible and accountable for what goes before me. Claudia has helped me appreciate that I am not perfect and that I love myself. Thanks Claudia. You will forever be my coach.
— Sharda Parthasarathi, Independent Social Worker, (Child protection & Safeguarding Children)

"Thank you Claudia for all your help this year. You really made a big difference. I now know that I'm stronger and smarter than I thought,  the only thing holding me back are my negative thoughts and I can do anything I want in life when I apply myself. I am so much more confident and I'm forever grateful."

- KZ, student, City, University of London

I was hoping to get some business direction and ideas through coaching from Claudia, but I got so much more. I got my business off the ground and she encouraged me towards my goals. She also helped me through relationship problems and serious health issues. She is compassionate, creative, highly intuitive and knows exactly how to ensure you find the best within yourself. I feel I have overcome many things that have always held me back and now know with confidence that I have many tools to be not just a successful business woman but a woman who is happy and confident in herself. I can’t recommend Claudia highly enough.
— Lynn Rae, massage therapist
I think the main thing about Winning Pathways for me was the return of my confidence and self esteem. I have had a horrible 8 months at work with the threat of redundancy. When I first met Claudia my emotional pendulum was swinging wildly but this settled down with focusing on me. Women are always helping others, running the house, running the office, supporting husbands, children, our bosses. At least this time Claudia was there to say ‘Hang on, where are you going? What do you want? You’re important too’.
— Ms AS, medical secretary, NHS
I wanted to increase my self-confidence at work and I came to coaching with a genuine desire to make changes but with a very low expectation of anything actually changing. How wrong I was! Claudia helped me find my path, encouraged me to take small steps that have led to bigger steps and looking back over 6 months, I am filled with a sense of achievement and pride at what I have done.
— Ms FV, senior manager, leading public sector agency
I’m so glad that I met Claudia. She has helped me progress and develop my confidence and get clear on my future career, the one that’s right for me. I’m so thankful for her support, time and patience.
— Ms DS, post-graduate student, London
My coaching sessions with Claudia have helped me grow in confidence, understand myself better and learn some important lessons. I found the coaching process fascinating; realising that we really do have the answers and the wisdom, we just need to give ourselves the time and space to get to it. A professional coach will guide you through this process to get you there faster. I’m now better at my job and feel more able to handle difficult situations.
— Ms NG, Team Manager in a leading public sector agency

Thanks for your support and guidance and for providing me with ‘gems’ that I can use moving forward. It’s been enjoyable investing in me for a change and with your help I now recognise my skills, talents and my new future.”

- Ms LM, senior service manager, safeguarding agency, London

I had my first ever coaching experience and Claudia’s approach was engaging and challenging. I felt the session was inspiring and effective and enabled me to come up with the answers to a specific problem. Claudia didn’t let it end there however, she empowered me to put together a plan of action which I have already begun to implement. It was certainly a powerful hour that refocused and re-energised me.
— Ms PM, Probation Senior Manager
Claudia establishes an effective coaching rapport very quickly and despite having been previously sceptical of the ultimate benefits of coaching I have found her coaching sessions challenging, supportive and very, very effective.
— KM, local authority Social Work Senior Manager
Thank you for the session this evening, I found it extremely helpful and feel confident about what actions I will be taking to 7P for the interview next week. You are very skilled, focused and engaging and working with you this evening was great. Many many thanks.
— WC, senior manager (child protection), social services
Claudia helped me identify the core issues I needed to work on and enabled me to own the problems and make the changes. Great work!
— Ms JJ-M, Business owner
When I came to coaching with Claudia, my self-esteem had been severely knocked by a traumatic work incident. I was down, I’d lost my drive and all trust in my colleagues. After just 4 coaching meetings I’d regained my confidence, and ability to trust and I’d made a clear plan for my future, which involved major changes. Now, that I’ve completed the coaching programme, I feel like a new empowered woman. My future looks bright and very exciting. So I had to score Claudia’s coaching 10/10.
— WT, Local Authority Middle Manager
Through working with Claudia I have developed:
- More confidence in myself as a manager and leader.
- A better and more effective working relationship with my managers.

My other thank you is for the way that Claudia helped me to look at myself in a more holistic manner to respect myself and my needs and to see that it’s not all about me.
— Ms TD, local authority social work senior manager
Working with Claudia on an 8 session programme, gave me the kick that I needed. I’d lost motivation in several areas of my life; I’d become uncertain and was drifting. Claudia helped me to put focus and purpose back into my life. My confidence has increased, I know where I am going and I am well on the way to getting there.
— Ms CA, manager in CJ System
I’m now a director. Our coaching sessions were the start of my journey to this post.
— - Ms FV, Director, Influential Independent Organisation