My Accolades

I’m not in this work for fame and fortune; I’m in it to make a real difference. I just love to see the journey my women take as they work through their barriers and get in touch with their strengths. And, I have been lucky enough to win a few awards along the way.

green gold v3.png

Win: Mentor of the Year (2017), City, University of London

Winning this from City, University of London, in 2017 meant so much to me. I’d been mentoring undergraduate women psychology students for three years, and had been nominated for this award every year. I had set myself a goal of winning it this time; I said a prayer and put my wish out there. To be recognised for my hard work, for striving to be world-class in serving my mentees and enabling their growth and empowerment, was the cherry on top

Other Accolades & Nominations

purple 2016.png

Nomination: Mentor of the Year 2016, City, University of London

purple 2015.png

Nomination: Mentor of the year 2015, City, University of London

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