Being a woman in business today can be tough, no matter where on the ladder you are, and companies are waking up to the fact that many of their women will probably need a little extra attention to truly make an impact on the organisation.

It’s not a matter of lack of ability; it’s often a lack of recognition and equality of opportunities, sometimes compounded by a lack of confidence and a fear of losing their sense of self while becoming more aggressive to compete with the men.

This is something you, as a responsible employer, can help your women to overcome.

I work with organisations to coach their high-achieving women to increase their resilience and further develop resourcefulness. We look at those issues around isolation, lack of recognition, support, networking opportunities and assertiveness, helping high-achieving women to realise they don’t have to become one of the hard lads in order to join the C-suite.

I introduce tools and techniques to increase resilience and self-empowerment, and help them to make a bigger impact on your organisation - for good.


Why work with me?

Through working with Winning Pathways Coaching - either in a 1:1 or group setting, tailored to the needs of your organisation and its people – your younger employees will become hungry to develop their careers, and this in turn will see their engagement and performance blossom and improve.

And as for those in leadership? I’ll use my bespoke programmes for women in leadership: The Circle of Brilliance™ will help them to refine their goals, develop their confidence and help them get ahead and stay ahead, while the Energised Employee Elevator™ will develop the skills and motivation to go out and inspire teams towards greatness.

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