Are you a woman over 40?


Maybe you’ve brought up a family. Perhaps you’ve done well in your career. And you’ve skills and life experience in abundance. BUT maybe,

You’re saying to yourself…

  • “Is this it?”
  • “The kids have gone, now what?”
  • “I’ve got more to give but how shall I give it?”
  • “I’m bored and frustrated and stuck in routines – I want something else.”
  • “I’d like to change my career/my life but I’m scared”?

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Midlife is often a time of change, physically and emotionally.  A time of opening up to new possibilities. As a woman over 40, it’s a time when you look at your life, where you’ve been and where you’re going. You may be wondering what could be if you could only take a risk and do THE thing you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t because of fear or lack of confidence.

Wouldn’t you like to re-evaluate your life, align to your true purpose, overcome your fear and succeed in whatever way YOU define it? It could be moving on after a personal crisis, starting a business, changing career, climbing the organisational ladder, or perhaps, enacting your long held ambition.

The unique, action focused supported transformation process will help you to…

Transformation Process

So are you ready to start your voyage of transformation?

Read about Sarah’s voyage here.

Are you ready to make a positive change in your life?

Then contact me here, for a FREE 30 minute exploratory session.  We’ll explore how I can enable you to move forward, discover YOUR passion and purpose and get exactly what you want.

Take a look at the other services I provide are: Executive Coaching within organisations; Mentoring for Job Interviews; Workshops.

Laura-editedDr Laura Nelson, professional speaker and coach, said this about her journey.

Claudia is a person of high integrity and courage who has the skill and talent to draw the best out of people. Through life coaching sessions, I have made substantial progress in honing my professional direction, working through personal values and identifying and overcoming barriers. Claudia is tactfully tough- she doesn’t preach or tell but has allowed me to develop personally at a rate much faster than I would have done without her.


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