Be a woman with a voice, a determination to be heard and a conviction that you’ve a right to be there.


Do you dread workplace meetings?
Do you battle to get heard?
Do you struggle to express your ideas clearly and concisely?
Do you sometimes wonder why you’re there?

Research indicates that meetings are a huge obstacle for women, regardless of their position in the organisation. Women report being snubbed, having their voices drowned out or finding it really hard to get into the discussion. 

How about we get this sorted once and for all so that meetings are no longer an impediment to your career development. If you could show up for meetings with confidence, speak with influence, get heard and recognised for your contribution and know for certain that you’ve a right to be there, would that transform your approach to meetings and to your job?

My ‘Stand Out And Shine In Meetings - 10 Essential Tips’, will power you up so that meetings become just another part of the working day rather than a dreaded hindrance.


Here’s what you’ll learn

1. How to get organised and super-ready for meetings, so that you’re clear about the agenda and have your points prepared.

2. How to show up with confidence so that colleagues know you’re there.

3. How to develop a strategy for getting the best out of discussions, so that key areas get explored and time-wasting is limited.

4. How to contribute with conviction and avoid going off on a tangent, so that colleagues sit up and listen.

5. How to deal with confrontation from a positive mind-set so that you’re not personally affected.

6. How to be assertive and hold your own when challenged, so that you ensure that you get heard.

7. How to ensure your development as a recognised and serious contributor.


Crucially, you’ll be able to use these 10 essential tips right away so that you’re well prepared for the next meeting and can start to make even more of an impression.

And guess what? These 10 tips are FREE. Just drop your info below and you’ll get it immediately (not just the tips, but the results too!).

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“Claudia has helped me progress and develop my confidence and get clear on my future career, the one that’s right for me. I’m so thankful for her support, time and patience.”  

- Ms DS, graduate student, City University, London