Crafting A Compelling Elevator Pitch


"If you can't recite your elevator pitch at the drop of a hat, stay home". Aliza Licht

If you're a business owner, what do you say when your ideal client asks “What do you do?”

If you're an employee, how do you respond when you meet the CEO unexpectedly and you'd like to impress her quickly?

And how do you say it in less than 60 seconds AND pique their interest? 

An Elevator Pitch is what you need to impress in the time it takes to ride the lift whilst having a quick conversation.

Most people don't do this effectively, so listeners zone out and stop listening. Which is why grabbing their attention fast is crucial.  So, I've put together a terrific easy-to-follow guide, "Crafting A Compelling Elevator Pitch" to help you create a 60 second pitch that will amaze and get you noticed. Just read it and take action. 



Here's what you'll learn:


How to gain listening power immediately and grab your listeners attention

How to avoid common pitfalls

How to keep them interested

How to get them wanting you to solve their problem

How to deliver your Elevator Pitch with purpose and conviction


My 6  Ps guide to creating an impressive and quick pitch, can be shared with anyone, anywhere, at anytime, but particularly at networking events, job fairs, job interviews, in important phone calls and voice mails to vital people. 

Crucially, you’ll be able to create your Elevator Pitch straightaway so that you’re well prepared for the next networking event or that unforeseen encounter with the CEO, or that job interview. 

And guess what? This guide is FREE. Just drop your info below and you’ll get it immediately (not just the guide, but the results too).

Here’s what one of my clients said:

"Thank you Claudia for all your help. You really made a big difference and I am forever grateful".
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