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Executive Coaching – Why some people always seem to get ahead

Why is it that some people always seem to get the breaks? Win a prized promotion, an exciting new role, or just seem to cruise through the challenges of corporate life?

Are they more talented than you? Work harder? Unlikely. Often it’s little more than a case of confidence, of organisation or momentum. Subtle differences that can have big impacts.

If you’re a manager feeling stalled or under-used, your challenges turned to chores, or perhaps they’re now overwhelming, then be aware - you’re not alone! Many people feel and think similarly. I work to enable managers just like you to transform: reset their focus, re-energise and refuel their careers.  

Executive Coaching – Fulfilling your Potential…

Better performance, better salaries, more engaged, more satisfaction, more confidence - sound good?

Find out exactly how I can help you or your team. Call now for a FREE 30 minute executive consultation - +44 7961 949394.

Remember… success doesn’t just happen. You can construct it! I can show you how.

I found her coaching sessions challenging, supportive and very, very effective…,
— MK, Social Work Senior Manager.

Proven Ways to be a More Successful Manager and Leader

As well as offering tailored support, I offer a diverse, individualised menu which has enabled managers to make a difference including:

  • Managing Self: career, goals, time, stress and conflict for higher performance
  •  Managing Others: developing commitment and independence
  • Managing Across the Organisation: developing autonomy and strategic thinking  
  • Managing Uncertainty
  • Managing Equality and Diversity
  • Kick start your pathway to success
  • Leadership - self and others

Choose any mix of these. Treat them as broadly as you think useful. Call me – I’m only too happy to clarify.

With Claudia’s help I not only met a challenging target, I also arrived there much faster than I would have had I been working by myself
— GG Events Manager, London

Contact me now for a FREE 30 minute executive consultation on +44 7961 949394.

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