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Are you stuck in a career rut?  Maybe you are keen to develop yourself but lack confidence. Or perhaps you are returning to full-time work after a break to have children and are unsure how to take control of your career and progress.  Well, this is the book for you. 

Many women are in the organisational shadows, wary of stepping into their brilliance. Often they find themselves stuck in a job for years and lacking the self-confidence to break out of their routine, or to overcome both internal and external obstacles to development. No matter your background, this book can help you to take your career to the next level. 

‘Ordinary Women doing Extraordinary Things - 5 Steps To Add Extra To Ordinary' details five steps to getting your career on track and focuses on the gritty stories of 13 everyday women who have achieved success in the face of adversity.

Read these compelling stories and you will realise that you can advance                                                                                                  your career and be extraordinary too!

Get your copy of ‘Ordinary Women doing Extraordinary Things:                                                                                                                   5 Steps To Add Extra To Ordinary'  from Amazon by clicking HERE.                                                                                                     



The Power of Being a Woman’ (2015)

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How powerful do you feel as a woman? We’re often faced with challenges and obstacles to achieving our full potential. Often these are due to society’s structures, unconscious bias and stereotypical expectations about who we should be. And sometimes they are our own internal obstacles that stop us from taking risks and doing the things we really want to do. 

In ‘The Power of Being a Woman’, an Amazon best seller, which I wrote with 16 other women, you’ll meet phenomenal women from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Each has overcome their own particular challenges on the road to success and empowerment.  All give their own particular take on success and power in the 21st century world. And they show you how to connect with your personal power as a woman and share your gifts with the world.

Get your copy of ‘The Power of Being a Woman’ NOW from Amazon by clicking HERE. And remember that 100% profit from the sale of this book will go to ‘Women of Africa’.
This is an international non-profit organisation that aims
to empower women of Africa.


‘Winning in Life and Work’ (2012)

Would you like to know how to win in your personal life and your work life? Then take a look at “Winning in Life and Work”.  Written by myself and 10 other men and women from a range of fields, we share wisdom, knowledge and experience to enable you to win in both your personal life and in your work. 

An Amazon Best Seller in several countries, it provides
“Sound advice for getting out of ruts”.

And an added bonus is the foreword by International Motivational Speaker, Transformational Lifestyle Coach, Trainer and Author, Johnnie Cass 

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and Work” from Amazon.