Thank you for visiting my site! I’m Claudia – and I’m an executive coach, life coach, trainer, author, public speaker, CEO and business owner, girlfriend, daughter, sister, aunt.

Like you, I have many different roles. And I too have felt the challenges and struggles of answering the question “What do I do with my life now?” after reaching midlife. It’s part of the reason I love working with women in midlife. I know what you’re going through and I can promise that things are better on the other side.


My Story 

Having worked for many years as a manager in social work, I realised that the best “people care” was more than just sympathizing or doing things for people. It was a challenging journey of enabling people to use their personal power, make their own decisions and care more for themselves. Everyone needs support with this.

When my department and post as a knowledge, learning and practice development manager were axed and I lost my job, I initially felt broken. “What now?” I began to wonder. Then I grasped that what seemed a setback at the time was actually a huge opportunity.

I began to see that my desire to help empower people could now be fully realized. And I knew exactly who I wanted to help.

Listen to my Success Story and my journey to Winning Pathways Coaching. You’ll learn more about my personal midlife transition and see the power that questions can bring to the transformation process.  


Empowering Women in Midlife

Being a woman isn’t easy sometimes – and midlife definitely presents its challenges. There are internal and external obstacles holding you back, an increasing desire for change and newness, and often very little – if any – support from the people around you.

I know this because I felt unsupported and was struggling to be taken seriously at work. I began to ask, “Is this all there is?” And when I got a coach my perspective on what I could achieve changed for the better.

I’ve made it my mission to help professional women become more effective within organisations and in life following a crisis. There’s never a better time to re-evaluate your values, make new plans and perform at your best than during midlife. This is your opportunity to change, and for the better! 

As a coach for professional women, nothing turns me on more than seeing a client come to the end of her coaching programme, feeling stronger and empowered, having tackled the issue that brought her to coaching. I know how good it feels to triumph over particular problems at work or personally.  And I have considerable experience working with professional women – from public sector organisations, trade unions and professional associations to private sector entrepreneurs and start-ups. 


When I’m Not Coaching… 

As much as I love coaching, there are other activities and causes that I love to participate in. 

I enjoy doing things that modern women do – yoga, keeping fit, dancing salsa and funky house, going to the movies and reading motivational authors such as Rhonda Byrne, Stephen Covey or Brian Tracy. I highly recommend them all!

My biggest love is travelling long haul to places such as Thailand, and Vietnam. And I can’t  forget Brazil, where I spent a year teaching English and absorbing the vibrant Carioca lifestyle. This was the great adventure of my life!

Alongside all of this, I support a number of causes to do with women’s empowerment, children and young people. These include the Centre for Women and Democracy, the Fawcett SocietyNational Deaf Children’s Society, Water Aid  and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.

So you see, I am, like you, unique, yet an ordinary woman, on a mission to help you realize your personal power to be the best you can be at work or personally.

My Qualifications

I’m not just passionate about helping women create the change they desire in midlife – I have the education and qualifications to do it successfully.

I’ve obtained an MBA, Practitioner Coach Diploma (DipNMC) with Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd and have the status of Master Practitioner of NLP. I am also a member of the International Institute of Coaching and the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants. 

Contact me now here, for a chat about what executive coaching with Winning Pathways Coaching can do for you and your organisation and what life coaching can do for you. I look forward to hearing from you!